In Pursuit of Sustainable Tourism

From the very outset we have have made great efforts to ensure that ecological considerations were a guiding force in every aspect of our project, often having to overcome serious obstacles to achieve the desired results.

We have built and fitted out a unique eco-friendly guest house that combines the best of local folk architecture and modern green design, and for the last nine years we have been offering our guests an authentic quality rural tourism experience based on respect towards the environment.

Now, in order to go one step further in the ecological good practices of our small business, we are implementing an environmental management system with the aim of obtaining hotel industry eco-certification.

Criteria applied


- Focus on the aesthetics, techniques and materials of local folk architecture
- Use of local raw materials (stone, earth, timber...)
- Use of recycled materials (adobes, beams, roof tiles, floor tiles, doors...)
- Use of eco-certified materials (insulating boards, linoleum floors, paints...)
- Permeability of walls (avoiding condensation and damp, improving indoor air quality...)
- Minimal use of environmentally-unfriendly materials commonly used in constuction (timber structure instead of steel and concrete, lime or earth mortars instead of cement, polypropylene drainpipes instead of PVC, wood carpintery instead of aluminium or PVC, wood-chip insulating boards instead of polyurethane foam...)


- Purchases sourced preferentially from small, local and independent companies
- Preference for furniture, fittings and white goods "Made in Spain"
- Preference for category A energy efficiency goods

Energy management:

- Biomass boiler fuelled by locally made wood pellets
- Our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources
- Radiant floor heating with individual thermostats in all rooms
- Optimisation of lighting with low consumption bulbs

Waste management:

- Separation and recycling of different types of wastes
- Composting of organic kitchen and garden waste
- Avoid use of individual packaging in dining room (breakfast) and bathrooms (amenities)
- Use of 100% recycled paper
- Minimal use of polluting chemical products

Water management:

- WC cisterns with intellegent water consumption system
- Special shower heads and tap fittings to economise water consumption
- Outdoors, use of native species and/or plants adapted to the local climate
- Watering of flowers and trees avoiding hours of strong sunshine
- Avoidance of decadent and wasteful water consumption (jacuzzi baths, spa, swimming pool, lawns...)


- Preference for local products, supporting companies in our province
- All food home-made
- Menus suitable for allergy sufferers, caeliacs, etc.
- Alternative menus for vegetarians and vegans
- Seasonal produce
- Organic produce

Forthcoming objectives

Advance in the implementation of an environmental management system in order to improve the rational use of natural resources and energy, reducing waste and pollution to a minimum, through the adoption of specific measures.

In the forthcoming period we propose to achieve the following goals:

- Introduction of drip irrigation
- Ensure that all cleaning products have eco-labelling
- Increase use of local and organically farmed produce
- Advance in the process of eco-labelling and certification
- Advance in the promotion of eco-friendly and sustainable tourist activities