in Soria

Valdemaluque: at the heart of Soria's countryside.

In the west of Soria province, the land known as Tierra del Burgo is a large rural area of rolling countryside spotted with small sparsely populated farming communities.

Valdemaluque is a typical example of one of these villages with a proud peasant past, tranquil present, and uncertain future. Its ageing population barely reaches 60 inhabitants in the winter months and a little more in summer.

One year in 48 photos around the Ucero river valley

Valdemaluque sits at the foot of these gentle hillsides covered with thick oak, juniper and pine woodland and scrubby moorland of rock rose, heather and aromatic herbs, and looks out over the corn fields of the fertile river Ucero valley. It is an ideal setting for walking, cycling, or just enjoying the great outdoors.

In the following photos we invite you to join us on our afternoon stroll around the fields and hills close to Valdemaluque over the course of a year. Step out of our front door and feel the heartbeat of Soria's countryside.


valdemaluque, river ucero valley, soria
valdemaluque, river ucero valley, soria
valdemaluque, vega rio ucero, soria